LMU Munich Ranking (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) 2017

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LMU Munich Ranking (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) 2017

LMU Munich ranking in the GPA system is Top 50 / Tier 2.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (often called LMU) is one of the most respected institutions of higher learning in Germany, a country with a fine reputation for engineering and scientific excellence. The “University of Munich” has, particularly since the 19th century, been considered as one of Europe’s most advanced universities, with 34 Nobel laureates associated with the university, it ranks 13th worldwide by number of Nobel laureates.

LMU Munich University ranking

Other Agencies providing LMU University Ranking information:

  • QS World University Ranking (2015–16) 75
  • THE World University Ranking (2015–16) 29
  • GPA World’s Top 50 Ranking (2016) Included in Top 50 as Tier 2

Additional information: Institutional History

  • Having obtained a Papal brief from Pius II, Duke Ludwig IX (the Wealthy) of Bavaria-Landshut founds the first university in the Bavarian heartlands (Altbayern) in Ingolstadt. The official inauguration took place on 26 June 1472, but the institution (die Hohe Schule zu Ingolstadt) had received its first students in March of that year.

Additional information: Tuition Fees

In Germany, students don’t have to pay tuition fees for most programs. Education is seen as a public good—a human right accessible to everyone. And international students are seen as a vital part of the German higher education system. There are tuition fees for summer programs and some of our English-taught Master programs, so you should check the individual course for details.

While there is no tuition for standard programs, all students are required to pay a fee of €114,50 for student services (€52) and the basic “semester ticket” (€62,50) entitling students to travel within the Munich “MVV” regional transport network in the evenings and weekends. (You can also get a top-up card called IsarCard Semester 24/7 for €146.50 per semester that gives you unlimited travel.)

Funding and Scholarships: International students are eligible for limited scholarships and funding opportunities throughout the State of Bavaria and Germany. Some available scholarships include:

Third-Year Scholarships: LMU offers some special scholarship programs for master and bachelor students in their third year. Master students can request information on scholarships from the coordinators of their departments, and bachelor students can request information from the International Office of LMU.

LMU University web site: https://www.en.uni-muenchen.de/index.html

THE (Times of Higher Education) ranking: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings