Top Universities in Africa

Providing a list of the top universities in Africa is a different task that providing a list of the World’s top 50 universities (a short list) while giving a certain quota or consideration for each continent.

Africa is often called the continent of the future and has the potential to experience tremendous economic development over the course of the 21st century.

However, when it comes to higher education, African suffers from a competitive and perception gap compared not only to America and Europe but also to Asia.

G (Globalization) tends to be limited, especially with international reach. P (Perception) is poor and every few institutions (except UNISA) have significant or positive name recognition. The A  (Achievement/Advancement) factor is strong for several institutions, but tends to lack global reach. However, the GPA system has a continental allocation which enables several institutions to be listed in the global Top 50.

African is a continent with more than 55 countries and great diversity if we think about Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Top Universities in Africa: photo of UNISA campus

Top Universities in Africa (below)