Top Universities in Asia

Providing a list of the top universities in Asia is a different task that providing a list of the World’s top 50 universities (a short list) while giving a certain quota or consideration for each continent.

Asia is the world’s most populous continent and has been a region of tremendous economic and scientific development throughout the 20th and 21st century.

When it comes to higher education, Asia is catching up to the United States and Europe, but its institutions still lack GPA ranking because perception and name recognition is not as high as for long-established European and American institutions. G (Globalization) tends to be continental but is strong and increasingly international. P (Perception) is improving, notably for certain Chinese universities. The A (Achievement/Advancement) factor is strong for several institutions, but tends to lack global reach.

India respected for the level of personal and professional achievement of part of its population, notably in the field of information technologies, hard sciences, and medicine. This has yet to translate in a measurable global effect on the perception of Indian universities internationally.

Top Universities in Asia: United Nations University

Top Universities in Asia (below)