Top Universities in Europe

Providing a list of the top universities in Europe is difficult and controversial, which is why the criteria must be specific. With the GPA system, globalized and English-speaking countries (UK) tend to be favored, also in terms of perception and name recognition. The web impact and presence quality of most institutions is an added factor in terms of perception. The global boost on career for alumni also tends to favor institutions is dominant or historically influential countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France.

When it comes to higher education, the continent of Europe has many advantages: it is the place where higher education was born, at least in the form that has become the modern university. The oldest universities in the world are located on the European continent, and date from the 11th century.

The GPA Ranking notes that Europe is the continent with some the most prestigious and recognizable institutions. English-language universities are favored because English has become the universal language of research, scholarship and higher education.

Top Universites in Europe

As is the case of American (USA) institution, GPA favors institutions with strong name recognition, outstanding web communication, and global professional achievement for its graduates.

 Top Universities in Europe (below)