Top Universities in the USA & Americas

Providing a list of the top universities in the USA, without forgetting Canada and the Americas as a whole is a difficult and controversial task. Our regional system had the effect to exclude South and Central American institutions, and these will have to be considered as an aside to the GPA 50 ranking system.

According to many sources, the United States has the best higher education system in the world (for instance, according to a new list released by university network Universitas 21).

The group said their researchers looked at the most recent data from 48 countries across 20 different measures, including investment by governments and private sector, research and the production of an educated workforce, international networks and diversity. Population size was accounted for in the calculations, a news release said.

Other international agencies disagree, stressing that the United States has excellent elite institutions, but noting that:

  • in general, the level of higher education is poor
  • not all students graduating from a famous institution such as Harvard are systematically outstanding.

The GPA Ranking notes that the United States is the country with the most prestigious and recognizable institutions, which is not surprisingly on account of the fact that GPA favors institutions with strong name recognition, outstanding web communication, and global professional achievement for its graduates.

top universities in the usa - princeton view

Top Universities in the USA & Americas (below)